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Map of Abilene with roads and streets

Map of Abilene with roads and streets

Howdy from the Lone Star State! As a geographer who has explored the city of Abilene, let me walk you through some key features of map of abilene and abilene tx map.

Abilene is located in the rolling hills of west-central Texas, about 150 miles west of Fort Worth. When looking at map of abilene, you’ll notice Interstate 20 and U.S. Highways 83, 84 and 277 converging in the city. This makes Abilene a transportation hub for the region.

The map shows the historic downtown centered around Pine Street and the restored Abilene and Southern Railway depot. Landmarks like the 12-story Cypress Building, Paramount Theatre and Grace Museum capture Abilene’s unique heritage.

Expanding the abilene tx map view highlights area attractions like Abilene Zoo and the 200-acre Nelson Park. The map outlines Dyess Air Force Base to the west, a driver of the local economy. To the south is Abilene Regional Airport with connections across Texas.

In summary, map of abilene and abilene tx map showcase this west Texas city as a regional center of business, transportation and culture. The city has preserved its vibrancy and western charm. Let me know if you need any other tips to navigate Abilene! I’m happy to share insights from my time exploring this Texas town.


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