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Alaska is the largest US state in terms of area, occupying more than 1.7 million sq . km , which is larger than the area of such countries in the world as Colombia or Egypt. At the same time, a little more than 700 thousand people live in this vast territory. Even in the state capital city of Juneau , located in the southeast on the map of Alaska , only 30 thousand people live.

Location of Alaska within the United States

The state is located on the northeastern edge of the North American continent. The eastern border runs along meridian 141o West and separates the Canadian state of Yukon and Alaska. To the south, along the Pacific coast , Alaska on the map borders on another state of Canada – British Columbia. The sea border in the Bering Strait separates the most Russian US state from the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug of Russia.

About 1/3 of the state is located beyond the Arctic Circle, which determines the severity of the climate in this region. The landscape of the state is mostly arctic highlands. Here passes the northern tip of the Cordillera – Alaska Range and is the highest mountain in North America Denali , until 2015 called McKinley, 6190 meters above sea level. Among the mountains of Alaska are active volcanoes. The last activity of the Alaskan volcanoes Spurr and Redout occurred in 1988-1992. About 2% of the territory of Alaska is located on the islands. The largest archipelagos are the Alexander Islands, the Aleutian Islands, the island of St. Lawrence, the Wrangel Islands.

The main water artery of the state is the Yukon River, which crosses the map of Alaska from west to east from the border with Canada to the Bering Sea. Together with tributaries, the most famous of which is called the Klondike, they form an extensive and water system on an area of more than 800 thousand square kilometers.

Alaska’s arctic climate is influenced by ocean currents. The northern provinces of the state are located in the zone of the arctic and subarctic climate with an average annual temperature of 3.4°C. The lowest temperature was recorded in 1973 in the Prospect Creek area and amounted to -62.9°C. In the south of Alaska, the climate is mild and temperate, but at the same time it is abundantly snowy and with a short summer. Despite the harsh natural conditions, about 30% of the state’s area is covered with forests. Coniferous vegetation dominates here, represented by spruces, Alaskan cedar, pines and other evergreens.

Largest cities in Alaska

On the map of Alaska, there are several dozen cities whose population does not exceed 10 thousand people. Half of the state’s population lives in the three largest cities.

  • Anchorage . This is the largest city in the state, where 40% of the population of Alaska lives – about 290 thousand inhabitants. Anchorage is located on the 61st parallel north latitude, which is slightly further north than Oslo or St. Petersburg. The city is separated from the state capital by 1300 km of a highway passing through the territory of Canada and enveloping the country’s highest mountain – Logan , 5956 meters high. Anchorage located on the shores of the Gulf of Alaska Pacific Ocean. The Alaska coastal current determines the climate that is quite mild for Alaska. Average summer temperatures reach 19 °C , which is warmer than in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
  • Fairbanks . The city is located almost in the geographic center of Alaska on the banks of the Tanana River . It owes its existence to a large military base. The Alaska Railroad ends here , and the distance from the state capital is 1179 km. The city is located in a harsh arctic climate with an annual minimum temperature of up to -50°C.
  • Juneau . Only 32,000 people live in the capital of the largest US state. At the same time, in terms of area, it is the largest capital among all 50 US states. But almost 99% of the territory is forested mountains with a complete lack of population. The city is located in the warmest part of Alaska, on the border with the Canadian state of British Columbia. The territory of the city also includes Douglas Island, the closest to it, from the archipelago of the Alexander Islands.
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