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Nestled in the foothills of Jefferson County, Arvada is a stunning city with over 110,000 residents. This vibrant community dates back to 1870 when its founders created an agricultural town and has since bloomed into one of Denver's most beloved suburbs. Its citizens enjoy all that it offers - from outdoor recreation beneath Colorado’s picturesque mountains to experiencing local culture at theaters and art galleries across the area. With friendly neighbors, excellent education systems, and strong economic health providing great opportunities for growth – those lucky enough to call this place “home” are able experience why so many have fallen in love with charming Arvada!

Interactive Map of Arvada


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Political map of Arvada, Colorado

ArvadaThe political map of Arvada shows the boundaries that separate the city from its neighboring cities including Wheat Ridge to the west and Thornton to the east. The western boundary extends all the way from Sheridan Boulevard in Denver to Highway 93 in Golden. The southern boundary stretches from Highway 93 in Golden up along U.S. Route 36 and then southward along Indiana Street until it meets with Interstate 70 as it passes through central Arvada. With the Map of Arvada, you will definitely not get lost.

Physical map of Arvada, USA

Arvada mapOn a physical map of Arvada one can discern several major features. These include Stanley Lake Park (also known as “The Reservoir”), Olde Towne University Park (formerly known as “Olde Towne Shopping Center”), Ralston Creek (which bisects much of Southeast Arvada) and Clear Creek (which winds its way through many neighborhoods within Northwest and Central Arvada). Additionally there are several smaller lakes scattered throughout both North and South Arvada such as Gudgel Lake and Zener Lake respectively. Finally there are two large parks in Central-West portion of town which house two major sports complexes; Prospect Park Softball Complex and Leyden Sports Complex. The map of Arvada shows the border of the city.

By what landmarks can I find the city on physical map?

The most recognizable landmarks on a physical map of Colorado are likely to be Stanley Lake Park (also known as “The Reservoir”), Olde Town University Park (formerly known as “Olde Town Shopping Center”), Ralston Creek (which bisects much of Southeast Arvada) and Clear Creek (which winds its way through many neighborhoods within Northwest and Central Arvada). Other noteworthy landmarks here include Leyden Sports Complex located off Highway 36 near Wadsworth by West 68th Avenue; Prospect Park Softball Complex which is located off Ward Road by 72nd Avenue; Stenger Soccer Fields which is situated off Ward Road at 66th Avenue; Kinder Morgan Railroad Yard which is located between Indiana Street & Kipling Street; APEX Center at 13150 West 72nd Ave.; Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge located off 64th Ave.; Kessler Bay Park located at 6800 Car St.; Indian Tree Golf Course situated off Wadsworth Blvd at 80th Avenue; Apex Field House which is situated near West 72nd Avenue & Ward Road; Van Bibber Open Space located just north of 64th Ave., between Simms Street & Car Street; Grandview Memorial Cemetery located near West 84th Avenue & Harlan Street; Anderson Farms situated just south of I-76 along Highway 52/Hogback Rd.; Valley Country Club positioned off Ralston Rd/Highway 58 near W 62nd Ave/US Hwy 38; Westminster Hills Dog Park found just east of Sheridan Blvd along W 92nd Ave., between Huron Ct & Yank St.; Red Rocks Amphitheater at 18300 West Alameda Parkway; Heritage Square Amusement Park situated off I-70 at 18301 W Colfax Ave.; Pepsi Center at 1000 Chopper Circle, Denver CO 80204; Coors Field at 2001 Blake St., Denver CO 80205; Boulder Reservoir positioned north of Boulder on Jay Rd./Highway 157 near Baseline Rd./CO Hwy 170.; Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge found just southeast Of Commerce City near Kingston St./Highway 85.

Things to do in Arvada USA?

Arvada offers plenty for locals or visitors alike seeking a bit more excitement than merely hitting up local eateries or shopping centers during their visit here in town! There are several outdoor activities available such as biking trails around Stanley Lake Regional Park or visiting nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater for some outdoor summer concerts! For those who prefer indoor activities check out any number local entertainment venues like Heritage Square Amusement, park where they offer rides like roller coasters and Ferris wheels all year round! Alternatively, if you’re interested in attending professional sporting events look no further than Pepsi Center or Coors Field – home arenas for NBA team Denver Nuggets & MLB team Colorado Rockies respectively. The Arvada, road map is a great helper when traveling by car.

Nearest Cities

Denver – only 15 miles away via US-36 E/Sheridan Blvd Nebraskan border – 160 miles away via I-76 W Kansas Border – 263 miles away via US-36 W Wyoming Border – 391 miles away via I-80 W Utah Border – 537 miles away via I-70 W.

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