Birmingham map, Alabama USA

View this map of Birmingham with roads, streets and houses. Birmingham, Alabama is a vibrant and dynamic city located in the southern United States. It is the largest city in the state of Alabama and is known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and thriving economy.

Interactive Map of Birmingham


Birmingham map collection

Political map of Birmingham

BirminghamOn a political map of Birmingham, you can see the city’s boundaries, neighborhoods, and city limits. Additionally, you can see the city’s political subdivisions, including districts and wards, which help to define its unique character and identity.

Physical map of Birmingham

BirminghamOn a physical map of Birmingham, you can see the city’s topography, including its rolling hills, dense forests, and sprawling urban areas. The city is situated at the heart of the Appalachian Mountains and is surrounded by rugged terrain, making it a stunning place to explore.

By which landmarks to find Birmingham on the physical map?

Birmingham can be easily found on a physical map by using landmarks such as the Red Mountain, which is a prominent mountain range located near the city. Other landmarks include the Birmingham Zoo, which is a popular attraction in the city, and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, which is a beautifully landscaped park filled with lush gardens and walking trails.

Things to do in Birmingham, USA?

BirminghamThere is never a dull moment in Birmingham, with a wealth of attractions, activities, and events for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring the city’s rich history and cultural heritage, or are looking for outdoor adventures in the great outdoors, there is something for everyone in Birmingham. From visiting historic sites and museums, to hiking and camping in nearby parks, the possibilities are endless. With a map of the surroundings of Birmingham, you’ll have the perfect guide to navigate the city and its surroundings.

Name the nearest cities?

The nearest cities to Birmingham, Alabama include Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and Huntsville, all of which are located within a few hours’ drive from the city. Unlock the Secrets of Birmingham with a Map of its Surroundings.

Nearest airport, railway station, highways?

The nearest airport to Birmingham is the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport, which is located just a few miles from the city center. The city is also well-connected by rail, with a major railway station located in the heart of the city. Additionally, several major highways, including Interstates 20, 59, and 65, provide easy access to Birmingham and the surrounding areas. So why wait? Grab a map of Birmingham and start exploring!


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