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Location of the state of Delaware on the US map

Delaware is one of the US states located on the east coast of America .

The state capital is the city of Dover . Dover on the map of Delaware is located in the central part of the state.

Delaware, with an area of 6,452 km² (2,491 sq. miles), including the water area, is located on the Delmarva Peninsula , in its northeastern part. Delaware occupies the second smallest territory among other states, second only to Rhode Island in this parameter.


Location map of Delaware in the US.

Delaware is bordered on the map by Pennsylvania to the north, New Jersey to the northeast, and Maryland to the west and south. Also, the territory of the state is limited by the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Delaware River flows through the state and is 484 kilometers (301 miles) long.

Most of the territory of Delaware is occupied by a plain, on the server of which the Piedmont Plateau is located , where the highest point of the state, Albright azimuth, is located. It has a height of only 136.5 meters and is the lowest among other regions, losing only to Florida in this characteristic. Ebright Azimuth is 10.5 km (6.5 mi) from downtown Wilmington .

Delaware is also crossed by the Atlantic Falls Line, which has a total length of 1,400 km (870 miles). The line of falls, covering the area between Wilmington and Newark , is the contact zone between Piedmont and the Atlantic Lowlands, where waterfalls are formed from rivers whose sources are on the plateau.

The state has 57 cities, towns and other settlements, among which the largest are Dover , Wilmington , Middletown , Milford , Newark , Smyrna, Millsboro , Seaford , Lewis and Georgetown.

Major cities of Delaware on the map


Wilmington is the second largest city in Delaware, covering an area of 44.52 km² (17.2 sq. mi), of which 16 km² (6.2 sq. mi) is water. The city is 53 km (33 miles) southwest of Philadelphia and is located near the confluence of the Delaware and Christina rivers.


Dover is the administrative center and the largest city in the state of Delaware, located in its central part. The area of the city is 62.1 km² (24 sq. mi), of which only 0.72 km² (0.28 sq. mi) is water. The city is built on the St. Johns River , which is 499 km (310 mi) long.


Newark is the fifth largest city in the state, with an area of 24.37 km² (9.5 sq. miles). It is located in the northwestern part of Delaware, near the border of Maryland. About 12-14 km (7.5-8.7 miles) from the city are the Chesapeake and Delaware bays, and Wilmington is located 19 km (12 miles) from Newark .

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