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political map of Italy

General political map of Italy with borders and capital

Italy is a country located in Southern Europe, in the central part of the Mediterranean region.

Italy on the map of Europe is located in the southern part of this continent.

Italy has an area of 302,073 km². According to this indicator, it is ahead of the UK, Greece and Iceland. At the same time, some European countries such as France, Spain and Sweden have a larger area than Italy.

The largest rivers in Italy are the Po (652 km) and the Adige (410 km).

The highest points in Italy are Mont Blanc (4810 m) and Lyskamm (4527 m).

The climatic zone of Italy is the Mediterranean subtropics. They have a warm and humid climate. The northernmost part of the country has a continental climate with warm summers and cold winters. In the subtropical zone of the country, mild winters and hot summers are observed.

The capital of the state is the city of Rome. On the map of Italy, it is located in the central part of the country.

The largest cities in the country are:

  • Rome (pop. 2.8 million);
  • Milan (pop. 1.3 million);
  • Naples (population 950 thousand people);
  • Turin (population 880 thousand people);
  • Palermo (population 660 thousand people);
  • Genoa (population 580 thousand people).

Location of Italy on the world map

Location of Italy in Europe

Location of Italy in Europe

Italy is located in the southern part of Europe, completely occupying the Apennine Peninsula, the large islands of Sardinia and Sicily, smaller islands, as well as the Padana lowland and the southern part of the Alpine mountain system. Most of the small islands are united in regions and archipelagos: the islands of Liguria, the Tuscan archipelago, the islands of Campania, the Phlegraean Islands, the islands of Sardinia, the islands of Sicily, the Aegadian Islands.

The eastern regions of the country are washed by the Adriatic Sea. The Tyrrhenian Sea washes the western part of Italy. The Tunisian (also called the Sicilian) Strait separates Italy from North Africa. Messinian The strait connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Ionian Sea.

In the north of Italy there is a part of the Alpine mountain system, which is located on the territory of several states.

Italy is located south of the countries with which it borders on land: France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Italy has the following borders:

  • With France (in the northwest, 488 km of the border);
  • with Switzerland (in the north, 740 km border);
  • with Austria (in the north, 430 km of the border);
  • with Slovenia (in the northeast, 232 km of the border).

In addition, Italy surrounds its territory with two enclave states: the Vatican (border 3.2 km) and San Marino (border 39 km).

Most of Italy’s land borders run along the slopes of the Alps.


physical map of Italy

Large physical map of Italy with relief and rivers

Italy is predominantly a mountainous country. Mountains and hills occupy about a third of its territory, and the plains – only one-fourth. The highest point in Italy is Mont Blanc (4810 m), which is part of the Alpine mountain system. Other highest peaks in Italy, such as Mount Lyskamm (4527 m), Matterhorn (4478 m) and Grandes Jorasses (4208 m) also belong to the Alps and are located in the northern part of the country.

Water resources: seas, rivers and lakes

The territory of Italy is washed by the following seas:

  • from the northeast and east – the Adriatic;
  • from the northwest – Ligirian;
  • from the west – Tyrrhenian;
  • from the south – the Mediterranean;
  • from the southeast – Ionian.

Most of the rivers are located in the northern part of Italy. There is a basin of the country’s largest river Po (652 km long) and its tributaries, many of which are also large rivers.

There are about 1500 lakes on the map of Italy. Most of them are small. Some lakes, such as Bolsena and Albano , are located in the craters of extinct volcanoes.

The largest cities on the map of Italy

Italian RepublicRome

Rome is located in the central part of Italy. It is located on several hills: Viminale , Capitoline, Celia , Esquinine , Quirinale, Aventine and Palatine . You can also find the city on the map if you find the Tiber River: it stands on its banks.


You can find Milan on a map of Italy if you look at its northern part. It is located between the Po Valley and the foothills of the Alps, on a flat area. It is the main city of northern Italy.


Naples is located in the southern part of Italy, being the largest and main city of this region. It is located in the bay of the Gulf of Naples. There are several volcanoes on its territory, the most famous of which is Vesuvius.


Turin is located in the northwestern part of Italy. You can find it on the map on the Padana Plain. The city is located at the foot of the western part of the Alps, near the confluence of the Dora Riparia river into the largest Italian river Po.


Palermo is located on the island of Sicily, on the map of Italy it is located in the southern part of the country. The city is completely surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Palermo mountain range is located on the territory of the city .