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History of Kentucky

The territory in the Kentucky River region was not permanently inhabited by any major North American Indian tribe, but was used by a number of tribal formations as roaming and hunting grounds. The river valleys are especially rich in game. The Shawnee, Iroquois, and Cherokee tribes were most frequent in this area.

The weak population of the Kentucky River region allowed European settlers (since the middle of the 18th century) to quickly take root here. However, by the end of the 1700s, relations between the natives and the newcomers escalated, and the region became one of the most affected by Indian raids in the period before the formation of the United States.

After gaining independence, the United States began to solve the problem of the Indians by force of arms. One of the sites of the main battles of the first part of the Indian War was Kentucky by that time, which had become one of the first states in the United States of Virginia.

On July 1, 1792, the US government granted the request of the inhabitants of Kentucky, and it became the fifteenth separate state, turning into one of the largest centers for the slave trade and the cultivation of hemp and tobacco.

However, during the American Civil War, most residents supported the industrial North over the agricultural South. Officially, the state declared itself neutral, so the arena bordering between the conflicting parties, Kentucky, was only the arena of battles for the first time.

Currently, Kentucky remains a predominantly agricultural state (especially in tobacco growing, horse and cattle breeding). Kentucky is also considered the birthplace of American bourbon (corn whiskey).

Although both coal and oil and gas fields are being developed. There are objects of heavy industry.

Location of the state of Kentucky on the US map

The “bluegrass state” (as Kentucky is informally called) is located in the eastern part of the US map, occupying a middle position between the northern and southern borders of the state. The territory of the state (104659 sq. km = 40409 sq. miles), gradually expanding, stretches from west to east and borders on seven states at once:

  • in the north – Illinois, Indiana, Ohio;
  • in the east, West Virginia and Virginia;
  • in the south, Tennessee;
  • to the west, Missouri.

Location map of Kentucky in the US.

The capital of Kentucky is Frankfort. Although its population (25.5 thousand people) is inferior in number to a significant number of Kentucky cities. On the map, it is located in its northwestern part, in the valley of the Kentucky River. Recognition as a center was due to the fact that the city is located near important American highways and has historically occupied an important place on the network of regional roads.

Geography of Kentucky

Most of the territory of Kentucky is elevated plains that are part of the low mountains of the Appalachians. However, the local ecosystem is close to the savannah, which is due to the subtropical climate (summers are very hot – about 30 degrees Celsius, winters are not cold (about 0 C). Mountain valleys often have rivers, around which forests have also formed. old mountains that have been subjected to millions of years of natural erosion, so there are many karst caves, often merging into entire extended systems, which are considered the longest in the world.

Oddly enough, but the river that gave the name to the state is not the largest here. Ohio and Tennessee are much larger and of greater economic importance. The former, for most of its course, itself serves as the northern administrative boundary of the state, and the Tennessee flows through its territory from the south to join Ohio.

Major cities of Kentucky on the map


The largest city in the state – 700.5 thousand inhabitants. Located at the falls of the Ohio River, on the map it is located on the northern border of Kentucky. The city is famous for the Kentucky Derby horse racing, a large cargo river port, and for being the birthplace of the great boxer Muhammad Ali. The location of Louisville (named after Louis XIV of France ) allows Americans to call it both “the southernmost city in the North” and “the northernmost city in the South”. Louisville is the center of the tobacco and food industries (bourbon production). In recent years, it has also made itself known as the center of American surgery.


Second in population in Kentucky (about 320 thousand people). Located in the central part of the state. Made a name for itself as a major center of horse breeding, for which it received the nickname “Equestrian Capital of the World”, which is enshrined in the blue silhouette of a horse on the white flag of the city. The city is also famous for its tobacco products. Lexington is distinguished by eclectic architecture, as for a long time the city authorities could not force the townspeople to build houses according to planned development and in a single style.

Bowling Green

Formerly the state’s main rebel city during the Civil War (a Confederate stronghold), sits along the southern border on the Barren River and is home to Kentucky’s largest university and technical college. The third most populated city is also known for being in many ways the business capital of Kentucky, as many well-known American companies have offices here, which has made Bowling Green an important shopping center. Following the example of Louisville, he won fame for himself and his medical clinics.


Located on the northwestern border of the state on the banks of the Ohio River. About 60 thousand of its inhabitants position their city not only as an industrial, but as a cultural center – several music and theater festivals, various forums and holidays are held here at once. The most famous is the culinary ” Bar – B – Q “.

Locality State Coordinates Stations
1 Lexington Kentucky - 0
2 Louisville Kentucky - 0