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A physical street map of the city of Milwaukee shows the physical layout of the streets, buildings, and other geographical features of the city. To read the map, one should start by identifying the key elements such as roads, highways, lakes, parks, and buildings. The map may also show important landmarks, parks, and other recreational areas. Additionally, street names, street numbers, and compass directions can be used to navigate the map and locate specific addresses. To use the map effectively, it is also helpful to be familiar with the basic geography of the city and its surrounding areas.

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the largest city in the state of Wisconsin with a population of just over 600,000. Located on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee has a rich history and is home to plenty of attractions for travelers to explore. This article will discuss where Milwaukee is located in Wisconsin, what can be seen on its political map, and what can be seen on its physical map. Additionally, we will provide information about things to do in Milwaukee, nearby cities, transportation options such as nearby airports and railway stations and highways. Finally, we will describe which part of Milwaukee is best to live in as well as what the city is most known for. View this map of Milwaukee with roads, streets and houses.

Where is Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is located in southeastern Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Michigan. It borders Illinois to the south and shares its northern border with Sheboygan County. The city also encompasses several smaller towns that are considered part of its metropolitan area. The Milwaukee map is a great tool to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

Political map

Schematic map of Milwaukee with highways and airports

Schematic map of Milwaukee with highways and airports

The political map of Milwaukee consists mostly of local government boundaries such as municipal boundaries, counties and school districts. The major roads that run through the city are highlighted on this map including I-94 which runs east-west across the state while I-43 runs north-south from downtown through the suburbs. Additionally, this map features landmarks like Miller Park (home of the Brewers), Summerfest Grounds (hosts many festivals throughout summer) and Lakefront Brewery (a popular brewing company). The reference map of Milwaukee serves as a starting point in the world of traveling around the city.

Physical map

The physical map of Milwaukee includes natural features such as rivers, lakes and parks within city limits as well as surrounding areas. A few notable sites include Bradford Beach (a stretch of sandy beach along Lake Michigan), Estabrook Park (a large park along one side of the river with trails), Grant Park (the oldest public park in Milwaukee) and Menomonee Valley (an urban nature filled valley).

Things to do in Milwaukee

There are plenty activities for visitors to enjoy while in Milwaukee ranging from outdoor recreational activities like hiking or biking at one of its many parks or visiting breweries around town to cultural experiences such as checking out museums like the Harley Davidson Museum or eating out at one eclectic restaurants like Foxfire or Magnet. Of course, there are also numerous festivals throughout summer like Summerfest, Irish Fest or Bastille Days. The map of Milwaukee perfectly shows the shape of the city and its location.

Nearby cities and transportation options

The nearest cities from Milwaukee include Chicago, Illinois which lies approximately 90 miles away; Madison, Wisconsin which lies approximately 80 miles away; Green Bay, Wisconsin which lies approximately 145 miles away; Racine, Wisconsin which lies approximately 33 miles away; Kenosha, Wisconsin which lies approximately 40 miles away; Waukesha Wisconsin which lies approximately 19 miles away; Oshkosh, Wisconsin which lies approximately 135 miles away; Beloit, Wisconsin which lies approximately 70 miles away; and Appleton, Wisconsin which lies approximately 125 miles away. The nearest airport from Milwaukee is General Mitchell International Airport located 13 miles south east from downtown while Amtrak offers train service at downtown station. Other transportation options include highway access via I-43/I-894/US 45/I-94 that run through Milwaukee providing easy access into other states.

Best part of town to live in and what is the city best known for?

MilwaukeeWhen it comes to selecting a place to live in Milwaukee there are plenty options such as Downtown with its thriving business district or Bay View neighborhood known for its diverse selection artistic venues. Other popular neighborhoods include Walker’s Point where you’ll find numerous art galleries plus cafes and bars; River west filled with unique vintage shops urban art studios; Eastside comprising Latino culture along Brady Street; Third Ward housing chic restaurants vibrant nightlife scene; Shorewood boasting beautiful lakefront views suburban charm; Wauwatosa offering a blend between suburban living urban amenities. As for what Milwaukee is best known for it would have to be beer! With more than 2 dozen breweries operating within city limits there’s no shortage of craft beer tastings tours available throughout year making it an ideal destination for any beer lover!


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