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Interest in African countries arises among people quite often, but mainly for tourism purposes, and a visit to the warm sea or the exotic jungle. But for some reason, few people know about geography, relief and climatic features. Today we will talk about one interesting country – Sudan.

General description of the Republic of the Sudan

Republic of the Sudan

General political map of Sudan with borders and capital

In Africa, one of the largest states of the mainland is located – Sudan, a desert country that has access to the Red Sea. But in the northeastern part of the continent, the country has an area on the world map of 1 million 862 thousand square meters. and more Egypt, Italy. The only water artery that saturates almost desert soil is the Nile River , but the country is not only rich in fresh water, Sudan has a small outlet near the city of Port Sudan to the Red Sea, and is famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful underwater world. The highest point in the country is the Marrah volcano (height 3042 m).

It is worth noting that in Sudan there are always high temperatures, the rainy season lasts 3 months, and in the northern part it sometimes reaches up to 6 months. At the same time, the thermometer never drops below + 20C, the subequatorial climate mainly prevails, and from the north – desert.

The largest cities in Sudan

On the world map, Sudan is represented by a huge country with the capital Khartoum, and the largest cities are:

Omdurman – 2 million 800 inhabitants;

Khartoum – 2,600 million;

Northern Khartoum – 930 thousand people;

Port Sudan – 585 thousand inhabitants;

Kassala – 510 thousand people;

Bones – 480 thousand inhabitants.

Location of Sudan on the world map

Republic of the Sudan

Sudan location on world map

Sudan is favorably located in the northeastern part of Africa, bordering on Egypt, Eritrea, Libya and Ethiopia. Basically, on the world map, Sudan is represented by a flat area, most of which is a plateau, as well as the Nubian and Libyan deserts with a minimum amount of flora. Sudan has a coastline along the Red Sea, and the main river that flows through the entire country is the Nile.


physical map of Sudan

Large physical map of Sudan with relief and rivers

Sudan has a rather monotonous relief, but consists of the desert, and the territory of the Nile River valley. The landscape is represented by flat, as well as the Libyan, Nubian deserts, with sand and rocky dunes. The Ethiopian highlands divide the country into a desert and a semi-desert, where eastern Sudan is located, as well as for the most part a flat plateau not exceeding 1000m.

Water bodies of Sudan

The only sea that washes the country and can be seen on the world map is the Red Sea. The rivers include the Nile, which crosses Sudan from South to North, its sections include the White Nile, Blue Nile and Sobat tributaries . Also in the country an important role is played by seasonal rivers formed: Baraka, Gash.

The largest cities on the map of Sudan

Major cities of Sudan on the map

  • Omdurman is a city on the banks of the White Nile River, the commercial center of Sudan with handicraft shops, workshops and administrative buildings. Omdurman is the most ancient city of the state.
  • Khartoum is the capital of Sudan, located at the confluence of the White and Blue Nile rivers. The city is significant for its higher educational institutions, schools, and is also known for its historical and cultural heritage in the form of a museum of ethnography and history, as well as an art museum.
  • North Khartoum – located on the banks of the Blue Nile River, but, together with Omdurman and Khartoum, is united into a single city by bridges. It is this part of the capital that is an industrial center where the food, textile, and pharmaceutical industries are actively developed.
  • Port Sudan is a modern city and the only port in Sudan (container and dry cargo). The city is home to salt mining companies and industrial oil companies. The city is famous for its rich, pristine white sand beaches and the best diving spots.