Sacramento map, California USA

A physical street map of Sacramento is a valuable tool for travelers navigating the city. The map displays the layout of streets, buildings, and other geographical features. To use the map, travelers should first familiarize themselves with the key elements such as roads, highways, parks, and buildings. The map is often accompanied by a legend that deciphers the symbols and colors used. The map may also highlight important landmarks and recreational areas. Street names, numbers, and compass directions assist travelers in finding their desired destination. Knowing the basic geography of the city and its surroundings will help travelers effectively utilize the map.

Interactive Map of Sacramento


Sacramento map collection

SacramentoView this map of Sacramento with roads, streets and houses. Sacramento is the capital city of California, located in the northern part of the state, close to the San Francisco Bay Area. The Sacramento political map shows a densely populated region with many urban centers and suburbs surrounding the city.

Location of Sacramento

Sacramento is located along the western part of Interstate 5 (I-5) and close to Highway 50. It is also bordered on its east side by the Sierra Nevada Mountains and on its west side by the Central Valley of California – both provide stunning scenery for travelers. Its closest major cities are San Francisco (70 miles south), Oakland (61 miles south), Reno (188 miles northeast) and Los Angeles (370 miles south).

Physical map of Sacramento

Schematic map of Sacramento with roads and streets

Schematic map of Sacramento with roads and streets

The physical map of Sacramento reflects its location in a rugged mountain region with rocky terrain. One can see several mountain ranges including Auburn State Park, Tahoe National Forest, and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Additionally, one can see various rivers and lakes such as Folsom Lake, American River, Yuba River, Feather River, and Bear River that run through this region.

Things to do in Sacramento

Sacramento offers travelers a wealth of activities both indoors and outdoors. Popular attractions include visiting Old Sacramento Historic District for an immersive experience into 1800s-style buildings or taking a stroll through Capitol Park which features breathtaking gardens and statues. If you’re looking for some outdoor fun then go biking or kayaking in Discovery Park or enjoy whitewater rafting down American River’s rapids. For winter sports enthusiasts there’s plenty of skiing and snowboarding at resorts nearby like Alpine Meadows Ski Resort or Boreal Mountain Resort.

Nearest cities to Sacramento

The nearest cities to Sacramento are Vacaville (51 miles southwest), Davis (17 miles northwest), Placerville (41 miles east), Auburn (56 miles northeast), Marysville (55 miles north), Stockton (45 miles southwest) and South Lake Tahoe (130 miles east). Most of these towns have plenty of amenities like shops and restaurants as well as historic sites to explore including some old gold mining towns from the 19th century around Placerville area. The map of Sacramento perfectly shows the shape of the city and its location.

Traveling to/from Sacramento

SacramentoThe nearest airport to Sacramento is the Sacramento International Airport which is about 15 minutes away from downtown by car; other airports nearby are in Oakland (61 mi) and San Francisco (70 mi). Amtrak has daily trains between Sacramento and other major cities around California such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Oakland; Greyhound buses stop in downtown too if you wish to travel farther away from here. Lastly highway I-80 runs parallel between Reno & San Francisco while highway I-5 connects you all way down to Mexico border plus other highways nearby connect you with Oregon, Washington & Idaho States easily. Look at this map of the streets of Sacramento, it will immediately become clear where the right street is located.

Is Sacramento close to San Francisco?

Yes! Sacrament is just 70 miles south from San Francisco making it fairly easy, accessible via Interstate 5 or Amtrak trains. This makes it a great day trip option if one wants to explore two different destinations during their stay here.

What’s the nicest suburb of Sacrament?

One of the most popular suburbs near Sacrament is Elk Grove – just 12 miles south from downtown. Here traveler can find plenty things to do for whole family: visit local parks, shop on unique stores at Old Town Elk Grove, get great food & drinks at various restaurants scattered across town. There’s, also plenty outdoor activities available like kayaking, fishing & boating at Elk Grove Regional Park. Plus, nightlife venues offer live music or standup comedy shows throughout weekdays. All together makes Elk Grove an excellent place for visitors that want an immersive experience uncovering local culture & customs around Sacrament area. A map of the surroundings of Sacramento will give you the best way to understand the surroundings of the city.


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