Sterling Heights map, Michigan USA

Sterling Heights, Michigan is a city located in Macomb County, about 11 miles northeast of Detroit. With a population of over 135,621 people, Sterling Heights is the fourth-largest city in Michigan and one of the fastest growing cities in the state. This vibrant city boasts plenty of attractions for visitors to explore and experience. Whether you’re interested in art and culture, sports and recreation or natural beauty, Sterling Heights has something to offer everyone. View this map of Sterling Heights with roads, streets and houses.

Interactive Map of Sterling Heights


Sterling Heights map collection

Where is Sterling Heights, Michigan?

Sterling Height is located in southeastern Michigan on the border with Canada. The city is situated along the shore of Lake St. Clair and borders the cities of Warren and Troy. It lies between Detroit to the West and Rochester Hills to the East and is approximately 11 miles from Downtown Detroit.

Political map of Sterling Heights, Michigan

A political map of Sterling Heights would show that it is mostly within Macomb County with small portions extending into Oakland County and Wayne County. The boundaries are highlighted by highways such as I-94, M-59, M-53/Van Dyke Avenue and M-3/Hall Road as well as Lakeside Mall Drive which circles around Lakeside Mall Shopping Center at its center point. Additionally, you would find several parks; Dodge Park, Freedom Hill County Park (formerly known as Henry Ford Centennial Library), Dodge Park Pond Nature Area, Riverbend Park and Utica City Park among others spread throughout the city’s boundaries outlined on political maps.

Physical map of Sterling Heights USA

Sterling Heights mapThe physical features that can be seen on a physical map of Sterling Heights include Lake St Claire which borders much of its southeastern edge along with several smaller lakes; Metro Beach Metro park which borders much of its western edge; two major rivers; Clinton River flowing through its northern half and Red Run flowing through its south central area respectively; numerous creeks including Starvation Creek that flows into Lake St Clair; several golf courses such as Fox Creek Golf Course & Country Club (which stretches out across several hundred acres) & Pine Trace Golf Club both located near Metro Beach Metro park area; rolling hills covering much of its northern area; wooded areas containing many species of trees including oak & maple trees throughout most residential areas; wetlands & marshlands scattered throughout some parts providing an important habitat for wildlife species such as turtles & fish just to name a few key features found on physical maps when looking at this vibrant city’s landscape composition.

By what landmarks can I find the Sterling Heights city on the physical map?

The most recognizable landmark when it comes to finding Sterling Heights’ location on any physical map would have to be the Lakeside Mall Shopping Center, an iconic building stretching across almost 200 acres located right at the intersection of I-94 and M-59/Hall Road. This four-way intersection has been nicknamed “The Crossroads of Michigan” due to its strategic geographic location, connecting Detroit with neighboring suburbs like Troy and Warren, along with points further north into Canada through Pontiac Trail and Sashabaw Road, both running directly adjacent to the main intersection. This allows for easy access from all directions leading into this bustling center, providing incredible views over the vast landscape composition surrounding the entire region, with stunning visual aesthetics that contrast against the lush green, densely wooded mixed forest regions bordering much of the outerlying areas slightly further away from this hub. Reaching out towards the nearby lakeshore coastline, the tranquil waves glisten brightly under the sunlit sky during the summer months, making it an ideal spot for any outdoor activity enthusiast passing through and wanting to take full advantage of these picturesque views while also taking part in some of the more adventurous activities offered within the immediate vicinity, such as aquatic sports-related activities like jet skiing, kayaking, and trolling. These are available in the nearby beach area within the metropolitan park grounds, close by, allowing visitors to partake in these exciting experiences, adding an extra dimension to their stay in Sterling Heights.

Things to do in Sterling Heights USA?

Sterling Heights offers plenty of things to do! Visit the Freedom Hill Amphitheatre, an outdoor music venue that hosts many concerts showcasing top talent from around the world each year, featuring artists like Big Sean, Eminem, Cage, Rage Against the Machine, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Jay-Z, and Outkast, just to name a few among the dozens featured here every summer since 1991. This ensures that there is always something happening here, regardless of the season, time, or day, and it is filled with excitement and entertainment possibilities that extend far beyond the musical realm. Sterling Heights also offers a variety of events, ranging from children’s festivals to adult-oriented comedy shows, and even farmers markets, making it a great option for anybody looking to have fun while also picking up some fresh produce and food products. Whatever their needs or desires, they can enjoy their time to the best of their ability!

Being home to numerous parks and recreational facilities provides an excellent opportunity to experience nature up close and personal, exploring the trails, bike paths dotted among various preserves, nature reserves, and a wide selection of walking paths hidden amongst thick foliage.

The nearest cities to Sterling Heights

  • Troy, Michigan: 5 miles away;
  • Warren, Michigan: 8 miles away;
  • Farmington Hills, Michigan: 20 miles away;
  • Royal Oak, Michigan: 22 miles away;
  • West Bloomfield, Michigan: 24 miles away.

The nearest major airport to Sterling Heights is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), which is located approximately 30 miles away.

The nearest railway station to Sterling Heights is the Amtrak Station in Royal Oak, Michigan, which is located approximately 22 miles away.

The nearest highways to Sterling Heights include:

  • I-696, which runs east-west through the city
  • M-53, which runs north-south through the city
  • I-75, which runs north-south and provides access to Detroit and Flint, Michigan.


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