Buffalo topographic map

Terrain, elevation and landscape map

Average elevation: 561 Ft
Minimum elevation: Ft
Maximum elevation: 878 Ft
Buffalo topographic map

Buffalo topographic map

Buffalo, nestled in the western region of the state of New York, presents a captivating display of topographical diversity. The landscape dances between the rhythms of lower plains and towering elevations, creating a tapestry of natural beauty.

The city’s terrain reaches its zenith at South Buffalo Mountain, standing proudly at an altitude of 878 feet, or approximately 267 meters. This peak claims the title of Buffalo’s highest elevation, an epitome of the area’s rich topographical variety.

On average, Buffalo sits comfortably at an elevation of 561 feet, about 170 meters above the level of the sea. However, the city’s contours dip to their lowest at Cazenovia Creek, with an elevation of 537 feet. This variety lends Buffalo an intriguing topographical blend, ranging from verdant highland ridges to expansive lowland plains.

Buffalo doesn’t fall short of distinct natural features that make it a fascinating place to explore. The Niagara River Gorge, for instance, graces the city with spectacular vistas of cascading waterfalls and luxuriant landscapes, carving its path toward Lake Ontario. Formed over millennia through the patient workings of melting glaciers and erosive forces, the gorge imparts a sense of timeless beauty.

Further adding to Buffalo’s appeal are the numerous parks dotted across its expanse, teeming with recreational opportunities. Hiking, biking, fishing, or simply immersing oneself in the calm of nature — Buffalo has something for every outdoor enthusiast.

We are proud to offer an extensive online topographic map of Buffalo right here on our website, accessible to all users at no cost. This map opens a window into Buffalo’s intriguing terrain, detailing elevations, bodies of water, rivers, lakes, and neighboring cities and townships. Whether planning your next adventure or engaging in scholarly research, our map serves as a trusted companion, ready to illuminate Buffalo’s topography for you.


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