Las Vegas topographic map

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Average elevation: 2287 Ft
Minimum elevation: Ft
Maximum elevation: Ft

Las Vegas is a city located in the Mojave Desert in the south-western United States. Situated along with the Colorado River, it is bordered by Nevada, California, and Arizona. The area enjoys an arid climate throughout the year and experiences very hot summers and mild winters. The terrain around Las Vegas consists mostly of desert and hills, although there are some mountain ranges nearby. See the detailed elevation map of Las Vegas.

The highest point within Las Vegas is Red Rock Peak at 8,152 feet (2,485 m) above sea level. It is located in the Spring Mountains to the west of the city. To the east, not too far away lies Frenchman Mountain at 4,080 feet (1,244 m). These peaks form part of a range known as Sunrise Mountain. Further up north lies Mount Charleston which stands at 11,916ft (3,632m).

On the flip side, Las Vegas’ lowest point is 1,050 feet (320m) below sea level near Lake Mead in Boulder City. This makes it one of only two cities in America that lie below sea level – this other being Death Valley situated near Reno on the border between California and Nevada. Before traveling, be sure to look at the topographic map ofthe las Vegas.

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