New Orleans topographic map

Terrain, elevation and landscape map

Average elevation: 20 Ft
Minimum elevation: Ft
Maximum elevation: 29 Ft
New Orleans topographic map

New Orleans topographic map

New Orleans, the charming port city situated at the mouth of the Mississippi River, is known for its interesting topography. Its highest elevation stands at 8.8 m (29 feet) and is located near Lake Pontchartrain in eastern New Orleans, while its average elevation is only 6 m (20 feet). The city’s lowest point lies along the banks of the Mississippi River, at merely 2 m (6 feet). On our free online topographic map, you can find designations of these heights and other important attributes that characterize New Orleans’ unique landscape.

One distinctive feature of the city’s topography is its delightful sunken gardens – created due to natural subsidence and flooding from heavy rainfall or hurricanes – which give New Orleans its special zest. These sunken gardens are located mainly in eastern parts of the city and have been used as public parks since their emergence. In addition to these low-lying areas, a pocketed system of higher land creates a patchwork quilt of cultures and identities across this fascinating region.


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