Orlando topographic map

Terrain, elevation and landscape map

Average elevation: 79 Ft
Minimum elevation: Ft
Maximum elevation: 322 Ft

Our site provides a topographic map online for free which includes designations of heights and other important attributes in the area such as bodies of water and roads leading into town.

The topography of Orlando is quite varied, with its highest elevation being 98 meters (322 feet) above sea level. The average elevation of the area is around 24 meters (79 feet). The minimum elevation of Orlando is -2.23 meters (-7 feet). Central Florida’s terrain is fairly flat, but there are some distinctive features such as rolling hills and sand dunes. It is also surrounded by marshes and wetlands, due to its close proximity to several lakes and rivers.

As one of the most visited cities in Florida, Orlando offers a unique zest that draws people from all over the world. Among them are attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, Discovery Cove, SeaWorld, and more. Each has something special to offer visitors of all ages. Additionally, Orlando’s warm climate and natural beauty make it a perfect destination for outdoorsy types looking for sunshine and fun activities year-round.

With this detailed map, you can explore all the geographical features that makeup Orlando’s topography with ease and accuracy.


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