Andorra topographic map

Elevation and landscape map of Andorra

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Andorra is a small country located between France and Spain. It has a unique topography that is highly varied and impactful on the climate, environment, and culture of the region. The highest elevation in Andorra is Coma Pedrosa which stands at 2,943 meters above sea level. The average elevation of the entire country is 1,996 meters above sea level, while the minimum elevation found in Andorra is 840 meters above sea level. Our site provides an interactive topographic map online for free so users can explore these elevations along with other important attributes.

One of the distinctive features of Andorra’s terrain is its high mountains which have been formed by tectonic activity over millions of years. These mountains provide stunning views as well as a source of recreational activities such as skiing and hiking. In addition to this rugged terrain, many valleys stretch across the landscape providing lush green landscapes along with many rivers like River Valira which are popular destinations for both locals and tourists alike.

Andorra’s topography adds to its charm and provides a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in Europe. Our detailed interactive topographic map allows users to explore every facet of Andorran terrain with ease so they can make informed decisions about their travel plans or research projects.