Republic of Armenia topographic map

Elevation and landscape map of Armenia

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Armenia is a country of rich topography, which can be studied in detail through our free online topographic map. This map provides detailed height designations and other important attributes for the area.

The highest elevation in Armenia is Mt Aragats, at an altitude of 4090 meters (13,420 feet). The average elevation is 1800 meters (5900 feet), while the minimum elevation is roughly 400 meters (1300 feet). Armenia’s most distinctive topographic feature is its mountainous landscape, with stunning views that capture the nation’s unique zest.

The Armenian Plateau defines much of the country’s geography, although several mountain ranges including the Lesser Caucasus Mountains, Syunik Highlands and Ararat Plain traverse it as well. This variation creates a diversity among Armenia’s mountain ecosystems and their associated flora and fauna.

Our map also has features such as rivers, lakes, glaciers and wetlands that contribute to Armenia’s varied topography. These landforms add to its beautiful landscape, making it as enjoyable to experience as it can be to explore on our interactive online map.

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