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Côte d'Ivoire topographic map

Côte d’Ivoire topographic map

The Republic of Ivory Coast, nestled in West Africa, is famed for its verdant jungles, picturesque beaches, and abundant natural resources. Despite its compact size, the country’s topography is impressively varied and diverse. The loftiest elevation in Ivory Coast is Mount Nimba, reaching an impressive 5,750 feet, or around 1,752 meters above sea level. The country’s average elevation varies from 328 to 984 feet, or roughly 100-300 meters above sea level, while the minimum elevation drops to sea level.

Ivory Coast is adorned with unique geographical features, especially along its coast. This region is graced with magnificent beaches, serene lagoons, and expansive mangrove swamps. Moving inland, vast plains and savannas spread across the landscape, seamlessly transitioning into rolling hills situated near various mountain ranges, such as the Simandou and Man Mountains.

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