San Marcos topographic map

Terrain, elevation and landscape map

Average elevation: 737 Ft
Minimum elevation: 287 Ft
Maximum elevation: 1706 Ft

Hey there! Ready to take a virtual tour of Encinitas through its topographic map? Let’s dive in and uncover the lay of the land. Imagine having a bird’s-eye view of this coastal gem, right from the comfort of your screen.

Encinitas, nestled not far from San Marcos, boasts an average elevation of 737 feet. Picture this: from as low as 287 feet to as high as 1706 feet, the city’s elevation paints a pretty diverse picture. This range is like the spice that adds flavor to the landscape.

San Marcos topographic map

San Marcos topographic map

Now, imagine looking at the topographic map. See those lines curving around? Those are contour lines, showing you the rise and fall of the land. You’ve got the coastal areas that start around 287 feet, giving you those beach vibes. And then, as you move inland, the elevation starts climbing. You’ll find neighborhoods perched up higher, where you can catch some fantastic views.


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