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Each country or continent is unique in its own way and has certain beauties, features and attractions. One of these countries is Tanzania, located in Africa on the world map, and has a certain flavor of an exotic and developing tourist attraction.

General description of the United Republic of Tanzania

 political map of Tanzania

General political map of Tanzania with borders and capital

An East African country that attracts attention due to its picturesque nature, the highest mountain on the continent and a huge variety of flora and fauna. Tanzania is favorably located in southeast Africa and consists of two parts (island Zanzibar and Pemba and mainland – Tanganyika). It is a small country in Africa, Tanzania is smaller than Egypt, Ethiopia, South Africa, but at the same time larger than Nigeria, Kenya, Turkey, Mozambique.

The main rivers flow through the country:

  • Pangani;
  • Rufiji;
  • Ruvuma;

And also along the border are lakes Victoria, Nyasa and Tanganyika. It is in the African continent, in Tanzania, that the highest point is located, it is also a dormant volcano – Mount Kilimanjaro, its height is 5891.5 m.

Tanzania has its own climatic features – the temperature and climate vary depending on the height above sea level, mostly warm tropical prevails, the temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, and the rainy season falls on March-May.

The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, and was Dar es Salaam, with a population of 3 million.

Other major cities include:

  • Mwaza -580 thousand
  • Zanzibar -495 thousand
  • Mbeya – 317 thousand
  • Morogoro -280 thousand

Location of Tanzania on the world map

United Republic of TanzaniaOn the map, Tanzania is located off the coast of the Indian Ocean, borders on Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, and is also washed by the Tanganyika lakes, and from the north by Lake Victoria. Near the mainland are the islands – Zanzibar, Mafia, Pemba.


Physical map of Tanzania

Physical map of Tanzania with relief and bodies of water

Tanzania in most of its territory is represented by a plateau and has the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the lowest point is the area where Lake Tanganyika flows, Malawi.

Water resources

The country is washed by three lakes – Victoria, Tanganyika, Nyasa, and the eastern part is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean. But there are also rivers that flow through Tanzania: Rufiji (600 km), Ruvuma (forms the border between Tanzania and Mozambique), Pangani (between Kenya and Tanzania).

The largest cities on the map of Tanzania

cities on the map of Tanzania

  • Large cities are located on the map of Tanzania: Dar es Salaam – the former capital (although the government is located in this city), an important economic center, a wealthy city of Tanzania, and one of the country’s major ports through which agricultural products are transported. Thanks to the beautiful sandy beaches, picturesque harbor, the city has become a popular tourist destination.
  • Mwaza is an economically important city in the country, located on the shores of Lake Victoria, is engaged in growing cotton on plantations and then processing it, and also provides a large catch of fish from Lake Victoria.
  • Zanzibar is also the administrative center of the autonomous island, a major historical and cultural center that attracts tourists due to the architecture of the Arab houses, narrow streets, the presence of mosques and palaces. The city is also engaged in the food, soap, perfume industries, and also exports cloves, clove oil and citrus fruits through its port.
  • Arusha – on the map of Tanzania is presented surrounded by picturesque national parks and typical African landscapes. Thanks to the developed national parks, landscaped protected areas, Arusha has become an attraction for tourists, but this city is also an important diplomatic and manufacturing center (coffee processing, coconut fiber, jute). It exports exotic flowers and proudly welcomes tourists from all over the world.