Commonwealth of Virginia map, USA

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The geographical position of the state of Commonwealth of Virginia on the map of the USA

Virginia on the map is located in the very east of the country and is ranked among the South Atlantic states. Its capital is Richmond. This administrative center is located in the east of the state at the junction of the Piedmont mountain plateau , as well as the Atlantic Lowland.

The area of the state is 110.8 km 2 (42.78 sq. miles).


Location map of Virginia in the US.

On the east side, Virginia is washed by the Atlantic Ocean. In the south, it borders on two other US states – Tennessee and North Carolina. In the northeastern part, too, there is a border with two states. One of them is the District of Columbia, the other is Maryland. The map shows that the northwestern part of Virginia borders on West Virginia. To the west is the border with the state of Kentucky.

Geographical characteristic

The relief of the state is varied. In the west, it is mountainous (the higher the mountains – the more brown on the map), since in that part the mountains of the so-called Blue Ridge are located. Both coniferous and broad-leaved forests grow on its slopes. Meadows grow in the intermountain of the state.

Piedmont Plateau is located in central Virginia . It is adjacent to the Blue Ridge. The relief of the state in the region of the Piedmont Plateau is flat with a small number of hills.

In the east of Virginia is the so-called “dividing line”. In this part of the Piedmont plateau passes into the Atlantic lowlands. Numerous rapids and waterfalls form on the state river dividing line. In that part of the state where the Atlantic Lowland is located, the relief is flat. Altitudes in this area are usually no more than 100 meters. Pine-oak forests grow here.

The state also includes the southern part of the Delmarva Peninsula . It is separated from the main territory of Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay, which washes the state in the east.

The map of the state of Verginia is indented by numerous rivers. The largest of them is the James River. The following rivers also flow through the state:

  • Clinch River;
  • Appomattox ( James River tributary );
  • Potomac;
  • Shenandoah (a tributary of the Potomac River);
  • Rappahannock ;
  • New River;
  • Holston .

There are only two naturally occurring lakes in the state. One of them is Mountain Lake , located in the western part of Virginia, the second is Drummond , located in the southeastern part of the state on the territory of the Great Dismal Swamp swamp .

Major cities of Virginia on the map

The state’s largest cities include: Virginia Beach , Norfolk, Chesapeake , Richmond, and Newport News .

Virginia Beach

on the state map, it can be found in the southeastern part of the state. It has the status of the largest city in Virginia. The population exceeds 450 thousand people. Virginia Beach is located on the coast of the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay. Almost 50% of Virginia Beach is occupied by water.


It is a port city located in the southeast of Virginia at the mouth of the bay ( Chesapeake ). Norfolk directly borders Virginia Beach . About 246 thousand people live in the city.


The city in terms of population in Virginia ranks third. More than 249 thousand people live in it. It borders Virginia Beach . Located in the southeastern part of the state.


The city has the status of the administrative center of the state. More than 228 thousand people live in it. Located in eastern Virginia. The city is located at the very junction of a plateau called Piedmont , and the Atlantic lowlands. Richmond stands on the James River.

Newport news

The city is located in the southeastern part of the state. The population exceeds 180 thousand people. Newport News stands on the left bank of the James River. The city is located in the southeast of the Virginia Peninsula. It is located 41 km from the Atlantic coast

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