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Located in the US state of Michigan, Warren is a city with an estimated population of 138,167 as of 2023. It’s the largest suburb of Detroit and is said to be the third most populous city in Michigan. With its beautiful lakeside areas, charming neighborhoods and plenty of attractions and activities to enjoy, it’s no wonder that this destination has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the Midwest region. In this guide, we’ll take you through all you need to know about this great city – from where it is located and what can be seen on its political map to details on some of the best things to do while visiting Warren.

Interactive Map of Warren


Warren map collection

Where Is Warren, Michigan?


Warren is located in Macomb County in the United States state of Michigan. It lies along Interstate 696 and is northeast of Detroit and approximately 12 miles away from Dearborn. It borders several other towns such as Troy, Center Line and Madison Heights and can be found on a map easily by looking for its two main zip codes which are 48088 and 48093 respectively. The Warren Ccty map is the best tool for travelers.

Political map On Warren

The political map of Warren shows various landmarks such as parks and schools as well as different neighborhoods including Balmer Park, Westview Gardens, Sherwood Forest, Westwood Hills and Crocker Woods among others. Additionally, it also shows important roads such as I-696 and Mound Road which help connect different parts of the city together. Moreover, different zip codes are also visible on the political map so that viewers can get an idea about where they’re headed when they visit this charming city.

Physical map of Warren

Warren mapOn a physical map of Warren, you can see several features such as natural bodies like lakes (such as Van Dyke Lake), rivers (such as Clinton River) and forests (such as Eastwood Park). Additionally, there are certain manmade objects that can be seen too – these include buildings like hospitals or malls; highways or freeways like I-696; or even schools like Macomb Community College or UofM Dearborn Campus. All these markers help visitors locate their exact position when exploring this great city.

By what landmarks can I find the city on the map?

Finding Warren on a physical map is quite easy once you know what landmarks to look for – some key points include Van Dyke Lake (for water enthusiasts), Eastwood Park (for nature lovers) or even I-696 if you’re looking for major highways that run through this area. Furthermore, if you want to find specific neighborhoods then look out for Balmer Park or Westview Gardens among others – all these will help you zero down your location when visiting this great town!

Things to do in Warren USA?

When it comes to things to do in Warren USA then there’s no dearth – those looking for some outdoor adventures can go kayaking at Van Dyke Lake or explore miles after miles on foot at Eastwood Park while foodies have many culinary options like Italian eatery Bazille Detroit or Mediterranean restaurant Zaika Cafe at their disposal! Furthermore, art aficionados can visit galleries like Strathmore Gallery while shoppers might consider checking out Macomb Mall where they’ll surely find something that suits their style perfectly!

Nearest cities

The nearest cities from Warren include Sterling Heights (8 miles), Royal Oak (10 miles) Farmington Hills (15 miles) Troy (17 miles) Southfield (20 miles), Dearborn (22 miles) and Livonia (25 Miles). All these destinations offer something unique depending upon individual preferences – whether it’s culture centric activities at Sterling Heights’ Lakeside Mall or more adventurous ones like watersports at Farmington Hills’ Heritage Park – there’s something for everyone here! The map of Warren shows the border of the city.

Nearest airports, railway stations, bus stations

The nearest airport from Warren is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport which is roughly 25 minutes away by car whereas train stations are much closer – Macomb Community College Rail Station being just 10 minutes away by car while Woodward Avenue Rail Station being only 6 minutes away from downtown Warren! As far highways go then those passing through the city include I-94 & M14 just south of town plus US 24 & M53 running east-west near Eight Mile Road respectively making them ideal for anyone looking for ease during commutation around town!


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