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Short history

The discoverers of the territory of California are Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo and Francis Drake. Until 1720, the land had become considered a separate island. After the declaration of independence of Mexico, all the settlements formed through Spanish missionaries have been integrated into the Mexican authorities, and afterwards abandoned. The territory inside the northwest of the Spanish Empire on the territory of North America were referred to as Californies. After gaining independence from the colony of Spain, California have become part of the Mexican Empire, later the republic. On September 9, 1850, California modified into proclaimed the thirty-first nation of the U.S.A.

The geographical position of the state of California on the map of the USA

California is 31 US states. California at the map is positioned on the west coast of the U.S.A. It is known for its specific weather.


Location map of California in the US.

The administrative center of the usa of California (the capital) is Sacramento, called the haven of gold prospectors. It became given its name because of the river close by. It is placed in the west of the mainland close to the banks of the American River. Furthermore, It became based in 1848. Likewise, It is a port metropolis, as it has a proper of entry to the San Francisco Bay.

The administrative center is 259 rectangular meters. The nation of California is positioned alongside the Pacific Ocean. California on the map borders the nation of Oregon inside the north, Arizona and Nevada inside the east, and the border is part of the nation border with the Mexican nation in the south. The biggest rivers in California are the Sacramento, Colorado, Klamath, and Redwood Creek

State geography

The comfort of the nation of California is pretty numerous – at the eastern aspect there are the Sierra Nevada mountains and unique national parks. In the western component there are Coastal ridges, within the southwestern element there is the Mojave Desert. In the southern and northerly elements, close to the closing mountains, there’s the Central California Valley. The southeast of the country is for massive depressions and deserts. The lowest factor of the place is Death Valley, with the bottom point at 87 meters below sea stage.

The largest rivers in California are the Sacramento (719 meters) and the San Joaquin (530 meters). Both skip thru the Great California Valley and circulate the San Francisco Bay. Smaller rivers are the Colorado and Klamath.

The climate of California is Mediterranean, with a predominance of wet winters and dry summers. The climate is shaped because of the region of the place after the sea, which reduces the unfolding of temperature signs and creates a heat weather. The indoors of the state has a continental climate with diverse temperatures and a less warm climate. This is due to the presence of mountains interrupting the go with the flow of wet air from the sea. The overall quantity of precipitation reaches 38-100 centimeters in keeping with year.

Major cities of California on the map

  • Los Angeles. It is located in the southwest of the state of California. The relief is represented with the Santa Monica Mountains in the northwest and the Pacific Ocean inside the southwest. The maximum point is Mount Lukens. Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains positioned inside the california metropolis.
  • San Diego. The city is located on the western aspect of the state of California. It borders Mexico; in the west – with the Pacific Ocean, in the south – the town of Mexico Tijuana, inside the east – the mountains of San Isidro.
  • San Jose. The metropolis is positioned in the western a part of the nation of California. It is the official center of the country of Santa Clara County, the middle of the village of San Jose. It is placed among the hills of Silicon Valley. The capital of Costa Rica.
  • San Francisco. It is positioned inside the northern a part of the peninsula. It is the of San Francisco County. The city is surrounded with the resource of water on three sides, the climate is Mediterranean. Fourth at the listing by population in the usa of California.
  • Fresno. The city is located inside the Central California Valley. The 5th largest town inside the state of California. The climate is predicated upon the place of the town and is Mediterranean.
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1 Anaheim California - 0
2 Sacramento California - 0
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