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A physical map of Gilbert, Arizona displays its natural features like rivers, lakes, parks, and mountains, as well as the city's roadways, highways, and rail lines. On the other hand, an administrative map highlights the city's borders and key government buildings, such as city hall and police stations, along with public facilities like schools and hospitals. The map can also show you the city's distinct neighborhoods and main streets and landmarks.

Interactive Map of Gilbert


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Introduction to Gilbert, Arizona

GilbertView this map of Gilbert with roads, streets and houses. Gilbert, Arizona is a small town located in the American Southwest, approximately 20 miles southeast of Phoenix. It is part of Maricopa County and has a population of over 250,000 people. Throughout the town, there are many things to do, from shopping and dining to exploring the outdoors. This article will explore both the physical and political maps of Gilbert, AZ as well as some of the attractions available for visitors.

Political map of Gilbert

The political map of Gilbert shows its location within Maricopa County and Arizona State. The major roads that crisscross through the area are Loop 202 (the Santan Freeway), US Highway 60 (Grand Avenue) and US Highway 87 (also known as Power Road). Also featured on this map are nearby cities such as Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale and Chandler. These towns are surrounded by several smaller communities including San Tan Valley and Apache Junction as well as farms or open spaces throughout the region. The Gilbert map is a great tool to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

Physical map of Gilbert

GilbertThe physical map of Gilbert displays its topography with a range of elevations between 1,300 feet to 2,200 feet above sea level. In addition to these features it highlights several lakes such as Val Vista Lakes and Dana Park Lake which provide great opportunities for fishing or swimming in their warm waters during summer months. Furthermore, the San Tan Mountain Regional Park can be found within city limits offering miles of hiking trails through various landscapes including desert washes, saguaro forests and desert ridges.

Things to do in Gilbert

Along with its natural attractions, there are many things for visitors to do in Gilbert such as shopping at one of its two shopping malls or dining at one of its many restaurants offering cuisine from around the world. Additionally, there are numerous parks in the area providing additional recreational activities such as playing disc golf at Freestone Park or visiting Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch for bird watching and nature walks. Lastly for sports fans there are two venues that host professional sports teams including Phoenix Rising Soccer Complex which hosts local soccer games throughout the year and Hohokam Stadium which hosts baseball games from spring through fall seasons annually. The reference map of Gilbert serves as a starting point in the world of traveling around the city.

Nearest Cities

The nearest cities surrounding Gilbert include Mesa which is five miles north-west; Tempe which is twelve miles north; Scottsdale twenty-four miles north-east; Chandler ten miles south; Peoria fifteen miles west; Glendale twenty-seven miles north-west; Surprise thirty-one miles northwest; Avondale twenty-three miles west; Tucson ninety six miles south-east; Flagstaff one hundred ninety nine miles north; Yuma two hundred forty eight miles south-west. A map of the surroundings of Gilbert will give you the best way to understand the surroundings of the city.

Nearest airport

Sky Harbor International Airport located in Phoenix is less than twenty five minutes away from downtown Gilbert by car via US Highway 60 (Grand Avenue). Additionally, there is a local airport located in Mesa less than ten minutes away from downtown Gilbert via Loop 202 (Santan Freeway). The nearest railway station is Amtrak’s Sun Corridor line, Station located on S Country Club Drive about fifteen minutes away via US 87 (Power Road). Along with these attractions several highways intersect near downtown including I 10 going east/west onto Southern Avenue, I 17 going North/South onto Superstition Freeway, State Route 101 going east/west onto McKellips road, AZ 51 going North/South onto Piestewa freeway.

Is Gilbert the largest town in America?

Although it may not be considered the largest town in America based on its population size alone however when taking into account how large it’s borders span across over seventy, four square mile area then yes it can be considered one of America’s largest towns when looking at size alone. Additionally, according to recent data collected by U S Census bureau it has ranked amongst some of America’s fastest growing towns due an exponential rise in median household income. With an average annual growth rate exceeding 7 percent since 2010, combined with steady real estate prices around $270k per house makes it an attractive option relocation destination amongst professionals looking establish roots outside major metropolitan areas like Los Angeles or New York City. Furthermore, due existence multiple educational institutions ranging levels, state workers, multiple recreational activities attract retirees or young adults alike, overall making this once sleepy farming community into thriving suburbia filled with charm culture appeal all types lifestyles. Look at this map of the streets of Gilbert, it will immediately become clear where the right street is located.


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