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The physical features of Montgomery are visible on topographical maps or aerial photographs due to its relatively low elevation. Major features include several lakes including Jackson Lake Reservoir located south-west of downtown as well as Mill Creek which flows from north-east into Prattville before joining Autauga Creek just beyond city limits. Additionally, there are two rivers; Tallapoosa River divides northern parts from southern parts while Alabama River splits eastern from western parts flowing from south towards north eventually meeting up with Tombigbee River near their confluence near Selma. There is also plenty woodlands with various species found mainly in surrounding hillsides and along banks of rivers throughout area while agricultural land dominates much flatter sections within county – mostly cotton fields but cornfields too especially around lower river basins where soil type best suits cultivation purposes. Unlock the Secrets of Montgomery with a Map of its Surroundings.

Interactive Map of Montgomery


Montgomery map collection

AlabamaView this map of Montgomery with roads, streets and houses. Montgomery, Alabama is located in the south-central region of the United States and is the state capital of Alabama. It is situated on the banks of the Alabama River in central Montgomery County. This city is known for its rich history as well as being home to a vibrant culture that includes sports events, live theater, museums, and more. With a population of 205,764 people according to 2019 estimates, it is one of the most populated cities in Alabama.

Where is Montgomery, Alabama?

Montgomery can be found at 32°22′14″N 86°18′41″W (latitude and longitude). It lies at an elevation of 85 feet above sea level and has a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. It sits just west of Interstate 65 which runs north-south through central Alabama connecting Birmingham to Mobile. The closest major cities are Birmingham (90 miles) and Mobile (97 miles). The Montgomery map is a great tool to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

What can be seen on the political map of Montgomery?

Alabama mapThe political boundaries of Montgomery can be seen on most maps. The city limits encompass an area that spans 54 square miles along both sides of the Alabama River. Within these boundaries there are various neighborhoods as well as many parks and recreational areas such as Cramton Bowl Stadium, Blount Cultural Park, Jackson Lake Park, and Faulkner University’s softball field. Additionally, Montgomery County borders Autauga County to the east; Elmore County to the southeast; Lowndes County to the southwest; Macon County to the west; Coffee County to the northwest; and Pike County to the north. Embark on a journey of exploration and discovery with a map of the surroundings of Montgomery.

By which landmarks to find Montgomery?

Amongst other recognizable points on physical map when searching for Montgomery are state capitol building (with its iconic white dome), Civil Rights Memorial Center (which commemorates civil rights movement during 1950s & 60s), Dexter Avenue Baptist Church (where Martin Luther King Jr preached while living here), Hank Williams Museum (dedicated late musician’s legacy) & Supreme Court Building (oldest in nation since 1839). Also visible are numerous riverside parks such as Riverside Park offering stunning views over neighboring countryside – allowing visitors opportunity relax away from hustle bustle city life nearby whilst admiring natural beauty all around them! With a map of the surroundings of Montgomery, you’ll have the perfect guide to navigate the city and its surroundings.

Things to do in Montgomery USA

There’s no shortage of things for visitors to do in this vibrant city! Take a tour through history by visiting some amazing historical sites like Rosa Parks Library & Museum or National Memorial for Peace & Justice which honors victims lynching across country – providing powerful experience sure stay with anyone who visits it! Alternatively explore outdoor side life here with various trails along riverside leading into hills offering great scenic views over landscape plus kayaking/canoeing possibilities too if desired! For those looking shop till they drop there’s plenty stores malls provide perfect place pick up souvenirs or even treat yourself something special whilst out sightseeing! As night draws closer live music venues come alive showcasing local talent so why not swing by hear show before heading off bed?

Nearest cities

The nearest cities include Wetumpka located 26 miles away; Prattville 15 miles away; Selma 48 miles away; Tallassee 19 miles away; Tuskegee 38 miles away; Auburn 46 miles away; Troy 61 miles away; Greenville 57 miles away; Columbus 72 Miles away; Dothan 129 Miles Away.  All these cities offer a variety attractions for travelers interested exploring more than just what’s available within county lines such unique cultural activity options different cuisine experiences too! Look at this map of the streets of Montgomery, it will immediately become clear where the right street is located.

Airport, railway station, highways

The nearest airport is at Dannelly Field located just 5 miles southeast from downtown Montgomery – making it easy reach via car about 10 minutes driving time depending traffic conditions course! As far railways go Union Station serves Amtrak service northeast towards Atlanta Georgia running alongside I-85 route while Eastern Bypass provides transportation links westwards headed Birminham.


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