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The state of Alabama is located in the southeastern United States of America. The capital of the region is the city of Montgomery, located on the Alabama River almost in the center of the state at the intersection of the 85th and 65th US national highways. On the map, Alabama borders Mississippi to the west and Georgia to the east. The northern border with the state of Tennessee coincides with parallel 35° north latitude. To the south, the 31st parallel line separates the map of Alabama from Florida.

Location of Alabama in the United States

Five geographical regions are distinguished on the map of Alabama . At the same time, 60% of the territory belongs to the coastal-plain province of the state. Flat landscapes prevail here, only occasionally diluted with rounded hills. The northern geographic provinces of the state are the southern spurs of the Appalachian mountain system. In the northwest and north of Alabama, the landscape is predominantly formed by low mountain plateaus , while in the east the belt of the Appalachian Range extends. Here is the highest point of the state – Mount Chiha, 735 meters above sea level.


Location map of Alabama in the US.

The territory of Alabama is rich in water resources. From north to south flows the Kusa River , which, after its confluence with the Tallapusa River , bears the name of the same name with the state. South of the state capital city of Montgomery, the Cahaba River flows into Alabama , considered one of the three most beautiful rivers in the United States. Closer to the mouth, the river changes its name to the Mobile River and flows into the Gulf of Mexico. The state’s lakes are mostly man-made. The largest inland reservoirs in Alabama – Guntersville , Wheeler , Martin and Pickwick – are reservoirs formed by dams on the rivers of the state.

Alabama on the map is located in the zone of humid subtropical climate. The climate of the state is warm temperate with high rainfall throughout the territory. Such dangerous natural phenomena as tornadoes are not uncommon here. Due to sufficient rainfall, the territory of the state is rich in vegetation. Especially dense forests grow in the foothills of the Appalachians in the north and northeast. The Tennessee Valley is home to the rare red cedar, as well as black cypress and many varieties of shrubs and herbs.

Largest cities in Alabama

Alabama is not a highly urbanized state. In terms of population, it occupies only the 24th line among all regions of the United States. There are five major cities in Alabama:

  • Montgomery. The state capital is located in the flat southeastern part of Alabama on the river of the same name. The city is the second largest metropolitan area of the state, occupying about 400 sq . km . n horses. The climate in Montgomery is influenced by the Atlantic and features hot and rainy summers with maximum temperatures up to 40°C.
  • Birmingham. Alabama’s largest city is located 145 km northwest of the state capital. The namesake of the British city is located in the foothills of the Appalachians, but the climate here is defined as humid subtropical with mild winters, hot summers and heavy rainfall. There are often dangerous phenomena in the form of tornadoes. So, in April 2011, the impact of dozens of tornadoes caused great damage to Birmingham.
  • Mobile. The city is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, 272 km from Montgomery. The geographical location of the city determines its role as the main seaport of the state of Alabama. The climate of the city is influenced by the bay. The average annual temperature here is 19 °C and even in winter it rarely drops below zero.
  • Huntsville. The city is located in the mountainous part of Alabama, 300 km from the capital of the region on the banks of the Tennessee River, not far from one of the largest lakes-reservoirs Wheeler . The climate corresponds to the general climate of Alabama and is characterized by high rainfall. Tornadoes are also common here in spring and autumn. The city is one of the centers of the US space industry.
  • Tuscaloosa. The fifth most populous city in the state of Alabama is located 165 km from the administrative center of the state. One of the tributaries of the Alabama River flows through the city – the Black Warrior River . Like Birmingham, Tuscaloosa was hit by a tornado in 2011.
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