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Nestled in the rolling hills of central Kansas, near the mighty Arkansas River, lies the vibrant city of Wichita - the largest city in the state of Kansas, and a hidden gem waiting to be explored. Take a closer look at Wichita on a political map, and you'll see its distinct boundaries, surrounded by neighboring cities and towns. The map highlights the city's major highways, airports, and landmarks, as well as its political divisions, such as city limits, districts, and neighborhoods. Delve into a physical map of Wichita, and you'll be amazed by the natural beauty that surrounds it. From rolling hills to sparkling rivers and lakes, Wichita boasts a stunning topography that's home to numerous parks and other natural areas. You'll also see the city's impressive infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and buildings, woven seamlessly into the landscape.

Interactive Map of Wichita


Wichita map collection

WichitaView this map of Wichita with roads, streets and houses. Wichita, Kansas is the largest city in the state of Kansas and the 46th largest city in the United States. Situated on the Arkansas River in south-central Kansas, it serves as a major economic and cultural hub for the state. It is home to over 390,000 people according to 2019 estimates and is considered one of the most populous cities in the Midwest.

Where is Wichita Kansas?

The coordinates for Wichita are 37°41′N 97°20′W. It lies at an elevation of about 1300 feet above sea level, located near the center of Sedgwick County. The geographical center of North America lies roughly 20 miles northeast of downtown Wichita. The Wichita map is a great tool to avoid getting lost in an unfamiliar city.

What can be seen on a map of Wichita?

On a political map, one can see how Wichita lies within Sedgwick County as well as its surrounding counties including Harvey and Butler Counties. On a physical map of Wichita, USA one can see how it sits at the intersection of two rivers – The Arkansas River and Little Arkansas River – which flow through downtown before joining together near Central Riverside Park. Additionally, Interstate 35 runs along its eastern edge while US Highways 54 and 400 traverse across it from north to south and east to west respectively.

Things to do in Wichita, USA

There are numerous activities that visitors can enjoy while visiting Wichita. Outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of options such as camping or hunting at Cheney Wildlife Area or exploring other parts of nature at Great Plains Nature Center or Chisholm Creek Park. For those looking for more entertainment or shopping opportunities there’s Towne East Square Mall or Intrust Bank Arena that offers concerts/shows throughout the year while art lovers have access to galleries such as The Ulrich Museum Of Art or The Ulrich Contemporary Art Museum & Sculpture Garden. The map of Wichita perfectly shows the shape of the city and its location.

Nearest cities around Wichita

Wichita has multiple cities located nearby such as Derby (12 mi.), Newton (25 mi.), Hutchinson (45 mi.) El Dorado (44 mi.). Other larger nearby cities include Oklahoma City (159 mi.), Tulsa (209 mi.), Topeka (87 mi.) and Kansas City (180 mi.).

Accessibility: airports, railways & highways

Schematic map of Wichita with freeways and streetsThe closest airport is Dwight D Eisenhower National Airport located just 6 miles from downtown and offers direct flights to major US cities including Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver Colorado Springs etc.. There are also multiple railway stations located around town with Amtrak providing service between Chicago & Los Angeles while local trains provide service within many towns surrounding Wichita such as Emporia KS., Salina KS., Topeka KS., Dodge City KS etc.. Lastly there are numerous highways crisscrossing city providing easy access for travelers wanting to explore other areas including I-35 running along eastern side offering access to Oklahoma & Texas; US 54 running north-south; US 400 running east-west; K-15 running from north east towards Derbyshire etc. A map of the surroundings of Wichita will give you the best way to understand the surroundings of the city.

Living in Wichita cheap?

Living in Wichita is generally quite affordable compared to other larger cities like New York City or Los Angeles due its relatively low cost housing prices ($125k average) and overall cost of living ($41k median household income). According to Numbeo’s cost of living index 2020 report then prices for groceries here are 14% lower than average US prices while transportation costs come out 13% cheaper than national average; health care costs 1% higher than national average but still much cheaper than other states like California; finally prices for utilities here come out 5% cheaper than national averages making this city quite attractive economically speaking when compared with other areas around country therefore attracting many professionals looking more affordable life style without sacrificing quality lifestyle amenities available here like good schools; great restaurants; vibrant nightlife scene; wonderful outdoor attractions perfect year round activities both indoors & outdoors ranging from biking trails/hiking paths around parks/lakes all way kayaking down rivers so all these combined make this city an attractive destination those seeking new more affordable homes without compromise on quality life! Look at this map of the streets of Wichita, it will immediately become clear where the right street is located.


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